Rundown Assistant

Professional running order management

What is Rundown Assistant?

Rundown Assistant is a multidevice, professional grade, running order management for any kind of event: radio shows, tv productions, sports, conferences ... even your birthday party!


We say PRO features... and we really mean it!


Access your content on your computer and all your iOS / Android devices

Share your work

Allow other users to access your awesome event

Real-time sync

Sync your content changes and running status across all your devices and shared users

XLS import

Already got content in XLS? Just import it into Rundown!

Line timing

Real world events are unexpected: set up your lines in auto, manual or fixed date modes!

Advanced properties

Enrich your rundown lines with additional contextual info

Productivity features

Duplicate lines, favourite management and a ton of features to boost your productivity

Hi/low contrast mode

Working on the field is not easy, hi/low contrast mode is here!

App access

Rundown Assistant is available on Google Play and App Store for your tablet and smartphone.

Web access

Rundown Assistant can also be used on your desktop or laptop computer.


Some workflows may require a computer access for enhanced productivity or collaboration needs. Just log in using your credentials on our web access: